Babyfur stories

Babyfur stories

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Art copyright of BabySteps. Dusk Shadow here. Just your run-of-the-mill babyfur. Despite popular stereotypes against babyfurs, it is not sexual by any means. A deeper explanation can be found below. I love writing. It's my way of dealing with my abusive past, and putting my feelings on paper. Virtual paper, anyhow. I write to make people happy, and as a form of release. I'm not looking for fame, as long as people enjoy my fics, I'm more than happy to write.

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My Furaffinity page is found here. I try to be kind to everyone, and warm to strangers, but inside, I am terrified of going out of my bubble.

I am afraid of what they will think of me and my low self-esteem. I try to grow every day, and become a better person, so I can grow past my domestic abuse.

I'm tired of feeling depressed and defeated. I just wish I could find a way to move past it. Which brings me to the next part. How did I become a babyfur? Well, I grew up with a lot of hate, with mental and physical abuse from family, classmates, and more.

I just wanted to know what a soft touch is like, what it is like to be loved and taken care of. I want to be young again, and abandon all my worries as an adult- just for a little while, I want to take a break from the adult world. Thank you for sticking through my entire bio. It means a lot to me, truly. Thank you. Profile picture is copyright of Crinklemews. Cover Photo is copyright of Cuddlehooves and Mochipup.Newest Posts.

What puts YOU into little space? Photos of yourself, little things, artwork, writing, audio recordings, or any other creations you'd like bring to community show and tell. Then you'll love my babyfur themed choose your own adventure game. You awake along an empty road in an empty world. Wandering for a while, you have no idea where you are or how you got there. It feels bleak and empty. Then, suddenly, a vehicle appears on the horizon--A rainbow colored RV.

Out pops a happy family that welcomes you with open arms and explains how this dimension is not what it seems. Join them on a fun trip across a pocket dimension. Start with breakfast, then head out, have a bunch of fun, and finally end the day back at home with a lullaby with actual working lullaby. User mini profile. I like clark a lot Good job!!!

Options 2 posts Page 1 of 1 2 posts. I agree with Talisman, laying it out there directl[…]. Hello, I am a age regressor to who is sfw, basical[…]. Remember me. Who liked this post. Top list. Topic Contributors.A babyfur is a member of the furry fandom who enjoys roleplaying as younger characters. There are many different types of furs in the babyfur community, each focusing on different aspects and roles. Like furry in general, babyfur culture involves a good amount of role-playing either light or heavyboth online and in the real world.

The community has been growing more and more popular since the mid-to-late 90's. While the community itself is still part of the furry fandom as a whole, it is large enough to present sufficient leaders, politics and drama to give the community a nearly independent feel to it.

Common roleplaying themes include "cute" clothing onesies, footy pajamas, overalls, diapers and a child's environment such as a nursery or daycare center, complete with cribs, high chairs, and babyish decor. A few babyfurs lucky enough to afford the privacy and devotion will set up adult nurseries to role-play as children in real life.

A sexual subset of this type of roleplaying is known as ageplay. Many people don't identify with one single group but can change roles depending on the situation and who they are interacting with. It's also not uncommon for complex lineages for example siblings, parents, etc. To do so successfully achieves in many babyfurs a comforting, secure or blissful feeling. Various paraphernalia help to satisfy these preferences:. Many babyfurs enjoy wearing all sorts of clothing. Some say the cuter it looks, the better it is.

Such articles of clothing include the following:. Just like clothing, interacting with plushies and toys is a very large contribution to the cub experience. Toys range in age from baby toys to toy cars and action figures. As long as cubs get to interact with one another though, toys are not always the focus in a role-play. Many babyfurs use these objects in online roleplay and would love to be able to use them in the real world. As well as physical objects, some babyfurs find a keen interest in actions like blowing a raspberrybeing held, or watching old television shows that are no longer available on TV.

Many old children's shows such as the 80's and early 90's cartoons on Nickelodeon were the same shows some babyfurs watched when they were little, and reminiscing about them leaves a nostalgic warmth.

Diapers are an item frequently used while "cubbing out". Like other aspects of babyfur, this can be done in the virtual world, the real world, or both. There are many babyfurs, however, who will wear diapers in online roles but not in real life. Many babyfurs will wear diapers in real life for a feeling of security and comfort, but will not use them for their intended purpose.You mess and wet. View Portfolio. Visit Notebook.

babyfur stories

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Short Stories. Interactive Stories. Campfire Creatives. Community Notes. Crossword Puzzles.What he thought would be two weeks skiing with just his sister and his parents turns out to be two weeks with a motherly Kangaroo named Karen who owns a private lodge.

More then that, it turns out that his parents aren't going to be around and they invited Rick's neighbors, Leslie and Erin. Its turned out to be a crazy holiday. Enrolled in a human high school so that they can better study human education systems, Adachi finds he can't stop protecting one human with a hard-luck case.

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His exploits land him in a heap of trouble April is soon to find herself in one of the darker areas of the world, incarcerated among killers and villains, she will need to find herself a way to relieve her worries. Involves a love affair between Robin and Raven behind Starfire's back The resident teacher of the high school dorms has a plan however; a transfer to the elementary dorms, where they're far better equipped to deal with such problems.

Looks like poor Hannah's just been demoted a bit. The leading company of this technology, Luminous Industries; has a proposition for Tony Blake. He is a hacker by trade and finds himself trying to help someone out of a very unique dream.

Oh the wonders of DNA modification. Claudia is unlike any other girl he's ever known and he finds himself staying with a beautiful cat in a castle mansion. It's a wonderful classic story of love, caring, and nuturing. The problem is how far to take it. Kell, who is on the forefront of virtual technology.

Things would be great if it weren't for Dr. Kell's bastard of a son and the fact that Gabi gets stuck inside the computer Michael lives on a future Earth where anthromorphs are part of the population, which means that having an open mind about things is often a prerequisite. Michael comes to Pride Inc, hoping to get a job with a company that would be more As Michael explains to his would-be employers, "My methods and my personal habits tend to be unconventional.

What's in store for both Michael and Pride Inc. Mommy Michael has something special planned for Timmy, and the big little cub discovers that he's not the only adult cub out there! For the evening everyone is going to spend the night at a daycare center where they sit around and swap stories. A trip to the mall with the other kids at the orphanage gives teenage Feef a magical chance to meet someone she's always known was real, and a chance to help deal with a few furs on the 'naughty' list.

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Great beginning of a story. Looking for a certain type of story? Just use the "find on this page" button in your browser and try one of these tags The site was originally founded inbut went into a period of inactivity from aroundand hopefully is back to being 'alive' again. Legal Blah Blah: All media posted here is done so with the consent of the original author, artist, creator, whatever. All art is copyright to the person who made it, and should not be distributed or re-posted anywhere without the consent of the creator.

Fox Tales Times FTT is something of a community project and meant as a non-profit home to stories, art, games and content related to adult diaper lovers, adult babies, teen babies, furry diaper lovers and any mix of the above.

This site does not contain any pedophilic material of any type and should not be confused with such.How we all started. Many moons ago we were all just normal wild animals. My litter of Tigercubs was made up of 2 boys and two girls. Nothing out of the ordinary. Our mother was a 4 year old Tigress, Lived all of her life in the wild, and except for a really cool neck-less someone had given her.

The Cubs.

babyfur stories

Me, My brother and my two sisters were really cute orange and black cubs. Mother had gone off hunting for food. And that their real aim was to capture us.

The Endless Road: Episode 1: Empty Forever

Sad Times. White tigers with black stripes. Just all Babys, all motherless. A science Lab in Sweden. Miles from our homes. White walls, White floors, Metal cages with padded bottoms.

babyfur stories

We were fed, watered, washed. Later it was found out that this was a Stem cell Lab, where they were trying to find a cure for a load of childhood dieseses.

Mice, Otters, Ferrets and some other creatures that i did not know the names. Time for a change. In the middle of the lab was a big Machine. As the days and weeks went by our small cute bodies began to change. It must of been 4 weeks before they started trying to fire the machine in the middle of the lab up.

Life Begins again.This subreddit is for content related to babyfurs : members of the furry fandom who enjoy art of or roleplay as younger characters. Feel free to share art, stories, merch, discussion, and anything related to being small and fluffy! This is a SFW subreddit. Do not post explicit or sexual content.

Do not post content depicting minor characters in sexual situations. Any real or implied cub porn will be removed and related accounts banned. Art depicting minor characters in potentially fetishistic situations will be removed and related accounts warned. Diaperfur content is allowed but must be marked NSFW. Daddy gave collar!!! Want babyfur friends self. I just joined Reddit and wanted to share my fursona art I made! Lil Prince Patch having some fun today twitter.

My fursona, Jake Draggie and his Raichu plushie! Art By Robyn Loki i. I wanted to share some of my little fur art with you guys!

The Final Chapter of Pamperchu's Story

Drew Sashi Playing. Piece I drew myself of my fursona. New art by Alizarine on TG i. I created a product for us! Cute padded fursuiter dragopony twitter. Pic of my fursona being a little shy, that I got from a good person over on da.

Any Christian babyfurs here? Who says you're too big for stuffed animals? Art by NenaNixie i. Some decals I just did at a friend's request!

One of my best friends made this for me and it completely made my day because I was not expecting it at all!! My baby boy in a onesie. Art done by CobaltFoxie i. Baby James is off to the park i. Little Micah is too busy playing all day to worry about big boy undies i.

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